Dancer, musician, instructor, choreographer, presenter, performance artist.

Arjen, who is a graduate of Istanbul Technical University Conservatory Traditional Dances Department, has been actively working as a dancer, musician, instructor, choreographer, presenter and performance artist both at home and abroad since he entered the university in 2004. He worked in the academy and various art groups in training, production and performance studies on ballet, contemporary dance, traditional dances, world dances and music, body percussion, movement, sound, rhythm, body, choreography and staging. He worked with Sultans of the Dance – Fire of Anatolia, Troy Dance Production, East’s Gates Production, Boğaziçi Performing Arts Group – Kardeş Türküler, Destar Thearte – Şermola Performance, Görmeyeri Theater, Bi’takım Actors Theater, Ara & Şamiram Dance Project, KeKeÇa Body Percussion Group, International Body Music Festival, Festival Carioca De Danca Circular Sagrada, Comunidade Dedo Verde. He made choreographies and music of various national and international theater and dance productions in homeland and abroad, and presented one-person performances. He received the Original Theater Music Award with Destar Theater – Şermola Performance’s theater play Serencama Qijikan.

With the Govend Istanbul project he established in Istanbul, he started the Kurdish Dances Govend Course, Dance Nights and Concerts. These works extended from Europe to America and many parts of the world and created a new influence in the dance-music environment. He has conducted and presented intercultural dance-music concerts by bringing together various dance-music disciplines. He carried govend culture and Kurdish dances to many parts of the world with his one-man performances, concerts and courses. In his concerts, where maqams, usuls, velveles and govends come together with western music and world dances, Arjen handles the interactive improvised dance night based on traditional dances in a fairy-tale and musical tone, telling us stories with a contemporary musical language. It offers a live dance music night concert where East and West, traditional and contemporary and different cultures come together. Arjen also continues its various and new projects with national and international communities.