Kurdish Dance Govend Courses 

with Arjen Brûsk

Online via Zoom

January 15, 2022 Saturday – and all following Saturdays

Kurdish Dance Govend Course starts on January 15th. The lessons that will continue to be held on every Saturday, online via the Zoom application. 

Classes will be held on the same day and time throughout the 8-month course period.

Course duration: 8 months (8 x 4week/4lesson = 32 lesson)

The cost is $50 for each 4-week cycle. 

Monthly: $50 monthly: 4 weeks/4 lessons = 1 month period/cycle.

Total: $400 for 8 months: 8 x 4 weeks/4 lesson period.

8 months x 4 weeks or 4 lessons = 32 lessons total.

Please send mail to to join.

About the Course

Traditional Kurdish dances and songs are part of their cultural heritage. The Kurdish region is what is now the northern part of the Middle East, along the Zagros and Taurus Mountains, covering an area that includes: Kurdistan region: southeast Turkey, northwest Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria. Govend means “singing and dancing” in Kurdish. In this course, Arjen will teach traditional and basic Kurdish dances compiled from all over the area by him, along with their variations, with technical dance and rhythm studies during the 8 month course, with Kurdish singing and dancing examples and recordings provided.

About Arjen

Arjen graduated from ITU (Istanbul Technical University) Turkish Music State Conservatory and lives in Istanbul. He has been actively working as a dancer, musician, instructor, choreographer, presenter and performance artist both at home and abroad since he entered the university in 2004. He has brought Kurdish dance to many parts of the world in his career with his performances, choreographies, concerts, and courses. He continues his studies and projects in Istanbul.

Note time change: Please check and make sure the time difference of your city.

January 15, 2022 Saturday – and all following Saturdays

North-East America: 10:00 am to 11:30 am (EST)

New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Miami

North-West America: 07:00 am to 08:30 am (Pacific)

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Fransisco

South America: 12:00 (noon)

Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago

Europe – Central: 04:00pm (16:00) (CET)

Roma, Paris, Berlin, Koln, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Stokholm, Kopenhag, Brussels, Vatikan, Venedik, Viana, Zurich, 

East Europe: 5pm (17:00)

Helsinki, Tallin, Sofia, Bucharest, Atina, Cairo

Tel Aviv, Cape Town, Afrin, Kobane

West Europe: 3pm (15:00)    

London, Dublin, Lizbon, Reykjavig

Far East: 00:00 (24:00) midnight

Tokio, Osaka, Seul

Istanbul: 6pm (18:00)

North and South Kurdistan, Middle East

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